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takes responsibility for maintaining the privacy of personal data and makes every effort to protect the same.
The data you supply on our website shall be used for the purposes indicated on the pages via which you supply us with the said data.
This data may be stored in order for us to respond to your request and to send (by ordinary or electronic channels) information relating to our activity which may be of interest to you, unless you indicate otherwise.
TALLERES ELKAR does not sell, transfer, lease or transmit in any way information or data of a personal nature on its Clients/Users to third parties.


Responsibilities of the User

The USER guarantees that the Personal Data supplied to TALLERES ELKAR is truthful, and undertakes to notify us of any modification to the same.
The USER shall hold sole liability for any direct or indirect damage that they may cause to TALLERES ELKAR or to any third party as a result of supplying false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data.
The USER must not include third parties’ personal data without previous consent from the same, as established in this privacy policy, and the USER shall hold sole liability for the inclusion of any such data.


Personal Data Forms

Failure to fill in any of the mandatory fields on any of the forms on our website, or the provision of erroneous or incomplete data in the same, may mean TALLERES ELKAR will be unable to respond to your request.


Use of cookies

TALLERES ELKAR may use cookies to customise their website and facilitate browsing by the USER.
Cookies are tiny text files stored by the browser in the hard disk of your computer. When you browse our website, our server recognises the cookies generated on previous visits and obtains information on the preferences you established.
These cookies are only associated with an anonymous USER and their computer. They do not provide references enabling deduction of the USER’s personal data.
The USER may configure their browser to notify of the cookies sent by this site and reject them. This will not affect the USER’s capacity to access the content.







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