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Internal hobbing, external hobbing and external grinding

The Company


Elkar was founded in 1973 in Oiartzun, in the industrial heart of the Basque Country; its main business at the time was the manufacturing and reconstruction of machine tools. After building up experience, the business evolved towards the manufacturing of transmission components and precision industrial gears for Spanish and international manufacturing companies.


External grinding of a chevron gear

We specialise in the internal and external teeth hobbing and grinding for all types of gears (spur, helical and worm gears sets, etc.), as well as the construction and reconstruction of gear units.


We offer the latest generation of production equipment and highly qualified staff. Our main work tools are ongoing improvements and innovation, aimed at achieving better results for Elkar and its customers.


Ihurrita Bidea, Industrialdea 18
20180 Oiartzun - Gipuzkoa - PAÍS VASCO

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